monday favorites

Monday favorites are about gentleness; a forgotten whisper,a broken pocket mirror. Gentle, gentle fading into thin air.

1978/79 trilogy Sente-me, Ouve-me, Vê-meHelena Almeida (1934, Portugal) lives and works in Lisbon.

Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat White
Lauren Manoogian Taper Coat in White Highland Wool, 100% wool. Made in Peru.  
Via Rennes

Kelp Triple Layer Wraparound   Sunset Tassel Necklace
Bell Tassell II Relic Necklace Infinity Knot Necklace
Cave Collective's  work is characterised by an experimental and playful yet sophisticated attitude. They make art objects and installations that are crafted with great care and attention to detail. All materials are chosen for their unique quality. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind or a very limited edition.

Cecilia Margarita de Corral  handmade clothing.

Self taught pigment expert Audrey Louise Reynolds continues to create custom colors and patterns made from just about anything you can dream up. She is well known for her sense of adventure in her choice of materials like Bio luminescent Plankton, Mineral Reactions, squid ink, home grown crystals, rust, earth, botanical materials, insects, and mollusks suffused with fabrics such as peace silk ,cashmere, and even metal (...).

karaoke wednesday | holy wave

 Got hooked. Tremendously hooked on  Holy Wave. Their music is like pure magic. 

I've been drawn to my main love affair once again, which is music. I mean, fashion has become gradually very boring and secondary to me. It all comes across as too similar one way or another.  
What also bothers me in fascis..sorry, fashion, is the lack of authenticity I suppose. Even what comes across as genuine is really overly produced, and staged up and therefore it becomes immediately uninteresting and unappealing. At least to me. 
I just don't dig the trends, the "luxe", the brands. It's a bit nerve wrecking actually. The few things I have bought in the last months were vintage and thrift/second hand finds.I suppose you get different priorities and interests as time passes by. And moons go by. Anyway, it's karaoke Wednesday. Jam along. From train stop, to train stop.

monday favorites | smooth operator

geometric backpack, vegan suede, charcoal
Geometric backpack in vegan suede via St. Anderswo

9 1/2 weeks
9 1/2 weeks
9 1/2 weeks
9 1/2 weeks
9 1/2 weeks
9 1/2 weeks
Despite all of the things associated to 9 1/2 Weeks, Kim Basinger had an amazing wardrobe in that movie. And she looked absolutely stunning. 9 1/2 Weeks (1986)

This song has been on my head. From chamber, to chamber. From light, to dark.


Remember that George Constanza quote: I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable. ? Well, I have an inner Constanza (..creeps); so I got myself a black velvet blazer. Because I'm classy like that. Well, sort of.
The good thing about being a hoarder, is that my 1998 pair of Gazelle's are up and running. Well, sort of. This is how we rolled in the late 90s. Closet safari.Closet archeology. This reminded of quite possibly the coolest music show back in the day, called Alternative Nation.This video was on rotation pretty much every week. From 90s Sweden with love, Bob Hund.
Bob Hund - Istället för Musik Förvirring (1996) Rough translation of the chorus : "Instead of music : confusion".Yeah.. Even back then I was a weirdo.
Tried to get a photo of the super moon with my phone and it looks like Saturn. Which is cool. Sort of.

Wearing black over grey over navy all the time gets on my nerves. Well, sort of. I like these linen 90s boxy tees a lot. They are easy to wear and the colors are really tight.

Rescued: sweetest little 70s lava decorative dish. It's actually part of a set of three dishes, but I just took a photo of this one in particular because the color combination is so delightful.

How many times did you read "sort of" in this post?

monday favorites

Today's Monday favorites are an insane mish mash of goodness: from the beautifully handmade reed baskets by Toino Abel, to Milena Silvano's womenswear and artwork by Claire Price and Leah Fraser.

Toino Abel was started by Nuno Henriques as a way to preserve ancient Portuguese handmade reed weaving  tradition. Find these beautiful handmade baskets here. Learn more about the story behind it here.

Milena Silvano is a UK womenswear designer who grows natural dyes such as madder and woad and her practise focuses around the exploration of ethical and sustainable production.
Claire Price artwork has the most amazing color combinations. Find it more here.

        Artist to watch: Leah Fraser

Shamanic paintings and sculptures by Leah Fraser.

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